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What Gift For My Guests For My Wedding In Provence ?

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A question we get for every wedding from the bride and groom is: what gift should we offer to our guests? 

In France we have the custom to offer small gifts at the end of the wedding, traditionally they are sugared almonds, but for a few years the new trend is to give out something in the spirit of the area the wedding took place out.

In Provence we are so lucky to have many great options. Local products that will please your guests and make a nice souvenir to take home.

Here is the list of a few examples of gift for a wedding in Provence. 

Olive oil.

You know that the olive tree is the symbol of Provence, it can be found everywhere in this region. It is associated with the cicadas, sunshine and Mediterranean cuisine. A small bottle of olive oil will remind your guests of the sweetness of Provence.

Lavender pouches.

Another great specialty of Provence, is lavender! The smell is a delight and your guests will be happy to take it home and use it to perfume their wardrobes.

Marseille Soap.

This olive oil based soap is a natural cosmetic for the body, it has natural properties and has been used for generations. His scent and its softness effect on their skin will be a crowd pleaser.


For the sweet teeth, this will be the perfect gift. The calisson is a Provencal confection, more precisely from Aix en Provence, made of candied melon and almonds crushed together, covered with royal icing, placed on a background of unleavened bread. The taste of Provence in your mouth! 


Honey of Provence with lavender, you could almost hear the cicadas when opening the jar. Another gift that will delight gourmands and gourmets.We have many producers in Provence, who make the best honey in the world. 


It’s always time for a glass of wine! Provence is full of wineries, the region is even crossed by the wine road, on which you can find the best regional wines.  For connaisseurs, this is the ideal gift. 


A lavender scented candle, or even a vin Rosé one to continue to smell the Provence far from the region is an ideal gift for your guests. 

There are also creators of scents that offer to create your personalized scent of candle for your wedding, a unique candle for a unique moment. I will do a blog post about that, stay tuned!

Some castles in which your wedding can take place, produce their own wine, olive oil or both. You can’t do better as a gift, leaving with a Provencal souvenir of the place where you said yes. 

Chateau d’Estoublon produces its own olive oil and wine 

Chateau de Robernier produces its own olive oil and wine

Chateau de Sannes produces its own wine, olive oil and perfumes. 

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