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How to create the perfect Provence timeless elegance atmosphere for your wedding dinner?

Our Tips

Provence is in everybody’s mind known for its views, wines, olive trees and lavender fields. 
If you’ve made the choice to have a destination wedding in the South of France, you want your guests to live the full experience. 
As we always say; “perfection is in the details”, so here are our tips to throw the best Provence Chic dinner.

Choose a good location

Provence has so many amazing wedding venues to host your guests, see our article on this topic. 
These venues always have something special about them: A beautiful staircase, an olive tree field, lavenders, French gardens..
Use one of these scenery as your background for an al fresco dinner.

Choose a colorful tablecloth with a pattern (pastel, toile de jouy…) 

The decoration of the table begins with the choice of the tablecloth. Provence is a place of a thousand colors, soft colors, pastels. For example when we think of Provence, we think of olive trees and lavender, so why not bring out its colors with a beautiful tablecloth? 
Example with this beautiful tablecloth in toile de jouy (big trend for the coming seasons). The tablecloth brings a very Provencal side while remaining very chic and discreet. 

Plants of Provence and candles 

Provence is full of scented plants, like thyme, rosemary, lavender, why not using them instead of flowers on your wedding table? This will give an amazing scent and create an original yet elegant vibe to your table decor.

 Local products as gifts and decorations 

Instead of sugared almonds as wedding favors for your guests, we suggest you offer them local products, such as olive oil, calissons, or even small bags of lavender. 
Moreover, many wedding venues in Provence produce their own local products, which would be an opportunity to let your guests discover the place in a different way and take a souvenir with them. 
Read our article on this subject on the blog. 

Wine from Provence

As the final touch, delight your guests with some wine from Provence. The region is a great producer of wine, and most of the Chateaux and wedding venues have their own vineyards and produce their own wines. 
There is nothing better than serving a wine from the place where you are getting married at. And Provence produces some of the best rosés!
Here for example the Roseblood from Chateau d’Estoublon, 100% recommended. 

Do not hesitate to contact us, the team of Claire Yossman Weddings would be delighted to organize for you a wedding in Provence.



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