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Drinks at your wedding

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Which drinks shall I serve at my wedding, which quantity should I order ? These are the question our brides and grooms ask us every-time.
Indeed, drinks as a very important part of your wedding. What you’ll serve will define the standing of your event and is a good way to show your guests that you care about them.

Refreshments as a welcome drink

When your guests arrive at the venue, just before the ceremony starts, it is the custom to welcome them with a drink.
In the heat of Provence we usually offer non-alcoholic drinks such as lemonades and fruit juices, aromatized waters all presented in beautiful jars. Indeed, you don’t want your guests to have access to alcohol too soon and feel unwell.  

The cocktail hour

After the ceremony, follows the cocktail hour. 

The light is at its best, sweet summer afternoons, everybody greets the newly weds and wants to enjoy some time chatting-up and eating delicious canapés. In Provence we don’t say you must, but you MUST serve rosé wine. Take the time prior to the wedding to visit some Local vineyards! Prosecco, champagne and signature cocktails are also a good idea. Count 5 glasses/head during cocktail hour. 
You can also serve beer, but it isn’t considered as very classy for a wedding in France.


During the meal it is preferable not to serve strong alcohol, only wine and Champagne. 
White and red wine depending on the dish you are serving. Provence is full of great wine producers, if you want to discover local products, we advise you to choose a wine from the region. In addition, many wedding venues produce their own wine, such as Chateau d’Estoublon or Chateau de Sannes, so this is an opportunity for you and your guests to discover the venue in a different way. 5 glasses of wine/head.

The evening and the open bar

After dinner, when the evening starts, it is the ideal moment to launch the open bar (it is generally the moment that everyone waits for). At this time it is good to have hard liquor, spirits and a cocktail bar. 6 to 8 drinks/head


You want something more sophisticated and tailor made? The mixologist providers will create personalized cocktails for your wedding. For example, this Marie Antoinette wedding, the flavors of the cocktails reminded us of the theme, with the added bonus of an edible image of Marie Antonette as a decoration. It was a big hit with the guests!

Mixologists that we recommend you 

DNA Bartending 

Professionals of alcohol who know how to create any kind of cocktail according to your desires. With their peaky blinders look they bring an original touch to your wedding. 

Shake Your Events 

These mixologists master the art of the cocktail like no other. They will make you discover unexpected and tailor-made flavors. Cocktails that will remain unforgettable. They combine originality and elegance to transport you into a unique sensory experience. 


It is important to keep in mind that the drink budget is quite substantial during a wedding. It is a party that lasts all day long, and it is important to plan accordingly. 
And be careful, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, always consume in moderation.

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