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Drinks at your wedding

Our Tips

When it comes to beverages for your wedding, there are a few key moments to consider. We’ve put together a brief recap below to help guide your choices.

Refreshments as a welcome drink

This is the drink served to welcome your guests before the ceremony. It’s best to avoid offering alcohol, except for a glass of Champagne or Prosecco. Flavored water or homemade lemonade presented in beautiful jars are popular options. This drink brings everyone together and provides refreshment, especially for outdoor summer ceremonies. Your wedding caterer usually handles this service.

The cocktail hour

After the ceremony, follows the cocktail hour. 

After the ceremony, it’s time for the cocktail hour. This is when guests gather, exchange greetings, and sometimes listen to speeches. For alcoholic beverages, consider serving Champagne, Prosecco, wine (perhaps from the local region), and even personalized cocktails to add a special touch. Count 5 glasses/head during cocktail hour. 
You can also serve beer, but it isn’t considered as very classy for a wedding in France.


During the meal, it’s preferable to serve wine and Champagne rather than strong alcohol. The choice of wine depends on your dinner menu, and both red and white wines can be served. Provence, with its great wine producers, offers fantastic options. Some wedding venues even produce their own wine, which allows you and your guests to experience the venue in a unique way.

The evening and the open bar

After dinner, as the evening begins, it’s the perfect time to launch the open bar. This is often the highlight of the night. Make sure to include a variety of hard liquor, spirits, and a cocktail bar for guests to enjoy. 6 to 8 drinks/head


While your wedding caterer can handle soft drinks and common cocktails, we recommend hiring a mixologist. These professionals specialize in creating personalized cocktails that align with your wedding theme. They can add a unique touch to your event, ensuring a memorable experience for your guests. For example, this Marie Antoinette wedding, the flavors of the cocktails reminded us of the theme, with the added bonus of an edible image of Marie Antonette as a decoration. It was a big hit with the guests!

Mixologists that we recommend you 

DNA Bartending 

These professionals are skilled in crafting a wide range of cocktails to suit your preferences. With their distinctive “Peaky Blinders” look, they bring an original flair to your wedding.

Shake Your Events 

These mixologists are masters of the cocktail craft, offering unexpected and tailor-made flavors. Their cocktails create unforgettable experiences, combining originality and elegance.


Remember, it’s important to plan your beverage budget wisely for a wedding, as it can be substantial. Also, always encourage responsible drinking and remind your guests to consume alcohol in moderation, keeping their health and well-being in mind.

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