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How much costs a wedding in Provence with Claire Yossman Weddings ? 

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A wedding in Provence is a dream, Claire Yossman Weddings works with the best service providers in the area to offer the best quality of service, but of course it comes at a cost. 
The question that many prospects ask us is “how much a wedding cost? 
So here is a little summary of what to expect in terms of costs when planning a wedding with us, and why. 

Our fee

The Claire Yossman Weddings team, with its years of experience offer all inclusive planning, design, production and coordination packages. 
We take a very limited amount of weddings a year to keep a fresh outlook and to give our couple our time and creativity.
We position ourself in the luxury wedding industry and only create bespoke weddings with refined tastes.
Therefore we only work with the best exclusive vendors within the industry. 
We want your wedding to be the most beautiful day of your life and an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.
We spend countless hours for each wedding and put all our professionalism and passion at your service. We build a special bond with all our couples and work to achieve their vision and go beyond their wildest dreams.
Our services are between 8K and 15K€ depending on the request. 

The Venue

Provence is full of beautiful venues, castles, farmhouses, typical of our region. 
Your venue will be the backdrop of your event and with our experience, we have gathered the most beautiful gems that will wow you and your guests. 
Of course the costs can be different from one venue to another, but you can expect to spend approximately 25K€ minimum. 
We advise you to consult our article on this subject on the blog. 


Flowers are a very important element of your wedding design. Your bridal bouquet, the ceremony arch, the table arrangements…
It is therefore essential for us to offer you a service that meets your expectations. We work with the most creative people, like us they must have a real passion for their job.
The cost of the florist service does not only include the price of the flowers, but also the creative touches, the time they will spend arranging the flower, the travel on the day, the staff they need to hire to set up everything.
For the florist, it is necessary to count a budget of approximately 10k€.

Photo and video 

Your wedding is one of the most important moment of your life, you will create the most beautiful memories, memories filled with emotion and love. It is therefore important to hire a photographer and videographer who will capture and bring out these memories. 
We work with the best, each with their own approach that will fit your profile. 
For this service, count on about 10K€. 


Of course, this is something that people often underestimate but you have to think that this will include the rental of furnitures such as chairs and tables, bars etc.. Tableware, marquis, but also the dance floor, the lounge furnitures for the cocktail hour, lighting or even toilets. Basically everything you need for your wedding.
This service also includes the setting up with the staff that will install everything on the D-Day. It is therefore necessary to count approximately 20k€.


You want to be the most beautiful bride at your wedding, and this is totally legitimate. But it is important that the make up artist sticks with your style and your desires, you want to be looking like the best version of yourself but look like yourself. We have a repertoire of MUAH that we will recommend to you according to the style you are looking for. 
The budget for this service is about 2,5k€. This includes the service on the day, but also the trial. 


If you are as obsessed with details as we are, you know that wedding stationery plays an important role in the design and visual identity of your wedding.
Wedding stationery should be a true reflection of who you are and the atmosphere of your event.
As each couple is unique, we like to work with artists/designers who will create a complete wedding stationery, tailored to your needs.
For this service, count on about 5k€.


It is important to choose the right caterer for your wedding, because let’s not lie, food at a wedding is an important element, the legend even tells that some guests would come exclusively for that, just kidding (or not). 
The service of the caterer includes, the food, obviously, but also the drinks, the dishes, and the service on the D-day. 
It is also important that the food meets your standards and matches the atmosphere of your wedding. We also work with the best caterers in the region. Count 200 euros per head including the drinks 

Wedding cake 

The wedding cake can be included in the caterer’s service, but if you want a cake specially designed for you, which can even be close to art, then I advise you to call a professional, whom we would be delighted to recommend. 
The budget gets very variable, but can be on average 3k€.


It is the same for the beverage service. It is included in the service of the caterer, but if you are looking for something more spherical, like a mixologist who will know how to make custom cocktails, I recommend you to call a specialist. 
Check out our article on this subject to get a better idea. 
This service usually costs around 5k€. 

Live band 

At Claire Yossman Weddings, we are convinced that choosing a live band will be a game changer and will help creating a magical and fun atmosphere for your guests. A classic band for the ceremony will make your guests emotional. Choosing a band for the cocktail and dinner is always a good idea.
For this service counted about 8k€.


The DJ complements the work of the live band, he usually takes over for the party to make you and your guests dance the night away.
We would be happy to recommend the best DJs in the area, who have proven their talent at our previous weddings. 
For this service count about 5k€. 

Wedding favors 

These are the little gifts you give to your guests, a little attention that has a cost. Count about 2k€. 
See our article on this subject on the blog. 

Average cost of the wedding: 130k€ approximately.  

It is important to keep in mind that all budgets listed are an average and may vary. It is also possible that other costs may be added, such as a shuttle service (budget difficult to calculate because it varies so much). 

The Claire Yossman Weddings team would be delighted to organize the most beautiful day of your life and to help you find the right and best vendors.



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