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Indian fusion 2 days wedding at Chateau de Robernier 

Wedding Venue

Throw back to A&N’s wedding that took place in 2021 at the beautiful Chateau de Robernier. 
The couple came to us to organize their wonderful wedding with the big challenge of bringing together their two cultures: Indian and Russian, to celebrate their love in Provence, in a place that was dear to them. 

At Claire Yossman Weddings we love to discover new cultures and traditions, so organizing this wedding was very fulfilling and rewarding. 
To meet the challenge, we decided to organize two ceremonies on two days, one in the Indian tradition and one in the Russian one. Our aim was to create two different visual identities and designs, to have two different atmospheres.

The Indian wedding

For this wedding day, we really wanted to respect the traditions of the Indian culture. Colorful with traditional music and rituals and of course Indian dancing !
We hired Indian musicians for the ceremony who played the zither and Indian instruments in Provence, it was not easy to do, but we found musicians who met our expectations perfectly, and the ceremony was beautiful. 

For the ceremony decor, we opted for a very flowery arch, in blue and pink tones, contrasting perfectly with the red and gold outfits of the bride and groom and the Indian red carpet we rented.  
The bride and groom also wore a traditional flower necklace created by La Boutique Aromatics.
The arch was located in the middle of the aisle leading to the castle, offering an incredible view of the facade.

After the ceremony was over, in the traditional way, the guests and the bride and groom went to the castle dancing and singing, a very lively moment. 
The reception took place in front of the Chateau, where they found Indian carpets on the floor as a dance floor. 
For the meal, the caterer Roland Paix had specially created for the bride and groom an incredible Indian menu. 

The Russian wedding

For the Russian day, the bride, very sophisticated, wanted something elaborate, and opulent in the Russian way. All the details of the wedding had been carefully worked out.  

The ceremony took place in front of the castle with an incredible flower arch, in natural green and white tones, with a flower rain effect. 

the bride and the groom during the ceremony at chateau de robernier

The reception took place in the courtyard of the Chateau de Robernier. A breathtaking decoration awaited the bride and groom and their guests. The bride and groom’s table was located under an arch similar to the one of the ceremony, and each guest table had an opulent floral composition. 
The dinner took place under garlands, giving the impression of a starry sky. 
For the evening part, an elegant wooden dance floor was installed at the end of the tables. 

the wedding table decor for he wedding at chateau de robernier
the wedding table decor for he wedding at chateau de robernier
the wedding tables for the wedding at chateau de robernier
the bride and the groom at the top table for their wedding at chateau de robernier

We would like to thank all the service providers of this wedding, who adapted themselves perfectly. 
This is the service that Claire Yossman Weddings offers to its clients, a 100% customized service.  
Do not hesitate to contact us, we would be delighted to organize the most beautiful day of your life.



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