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Indian fusion 2 days wedding at Chateau de Robernier 

Wedding Venue

N&N’s wedding at Chateau de Robernier was a challenging but memorable event. The couple wanted to combine their Indian and Russian cultures in a beautiful setting in Provence. As wedding planners, we were excited to embrace new traditions and make their dream wedding a reality. 

To tackle the challenge, we planned two ceremonies over two days, one following Indian traditions and the other Russian customs. It was quite a feat to coordinate two weddings in one!

The Indian wedding

The Indian wedding day was focused on respecting Indian traditions. We managed to find Indian musicians in Provence, which was not easy, but they perfectly met our expectations. The ceremony featured a stunning floral arch in blue and pink hues, contrasting beautifully with the couple’s red and gold attire. The bride and groom wore traditional flower necklaces, and the arch was set up in a picturesque location with a view of the castle. After the ceremony, everyone danced and sang their way to the castle for the reception, which had Indian carpets serving as the dance floor.
For the meal, the caterer Roland Paix had specially created for the bride and groom an incredible Indian menu. 

The Russian wedding

The Russian wedding day catered to the bride’s desire for an elaborate and opulent celebration. Every detail was carefully planned. The ceremony took place in front of the castle under a breathtaking flower arch, with a mesmerizing flower rain effect.

the bride and the groom during the ceremony at chateau de robernier

The reception in the castle courtyard was adorned with stunning decorations. The bride and groom’s table was placed under a similar arch as the ceremony, and each guest table had lavish floral arrangements. The meal was enjoyed under a starry sky of garlands, and an elegant wooden dance floor was installed for the evening festivities.

the wedding table decor for he wedding at chateau de robernier
the wedding table decor for he wedding at chateau de robernier
the wedding tables for the wedding at chateau de robernier
the bride and the groom at the top table for their wedding at chateau de robernier

We extend our gratitude to all the service providers who adapted perfectly to the couple’s vision. At Claire Yossman Weddings, we pride ourselves on offering 100% customized services to our clients. If you’re dreaming of the most beautiful day of your life, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would be thrilled to organize it for you.



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