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Entertainment Options For Your wedding

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Weddings are joyful occasions filled with love and celebration. A common concern among brides and grooms is how to keep their guests entertained throughout the event. While the couple is occupied with preparations, photos, and mingling, it’s essential to plan activities and animations that will ensure everyone has a fantastic time.

To help you with this, we have compiled a list of animations based on our experience that are sure to delight your guests. The Claire Yossman Weddings team would be thrilled to organize these for you.

A Live Band

Music is an essential element of any wedding celebration. At Claire Yossman Weddings, we believe that having a live band can make a significant difference and contribute to creating a magical and fun atmosphere for your guests. For the ceremony, a classical band can evoke emotions and set the tone for a heartfelt experience. Having a live band for the cocktail hour and dinner is always a fantastic idea. Imagine your guests dancing and having a great time, even on the tables! We also collaborate with fantastic DJs who will keep the energy high and ensure your guests dance the night away.

love band at a wedding that Claire Yossman Weddings organized

Photo Booth

Capture unforgettable memories by setting up a photo booth. Guests can have their pictures taken with personalized props, creating fun keepsakes for both them and you.

Video Booth

A popular trend seen on social media, a video booth involves a platform with a camera rotating 360 degrees around the person. It produces a unique video reminiscent of the Met Gala red carpet, providing your guests with an entertaining and memorable experience.

Live Artist / Caricature

Hire a live artist who can paint the scene or create caricatures of your guests in just a few minutes. This unique and original souvenir will amuse your guests, reminiscent of the painters in Montmartre.


If you’re hosting your wedding in Provence or the South of France, consider incorporating petanque. It’s a friendly game that everyone can play, bringing a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere to the event.

Petanque organized by Claire Yossman Weddings

Champagne Fountain

A champagne fountain adds an elegant touch and serves as a visual spectacle. While guests can’t participate directly, it adds a “wow” factor to your wedding and looks fantastic in photographs.

Champagne foutnain at Claire Yossman Weddings


To create a grand finale, consider incorporating fireworks. While it may require a significant budget and approval from the venue, it is a stunning display that brings excitement and joy to the celebration. Alternatively, cold fireworks are a safe indoor option that projects sparks and can be timed with the cake cutting ceremony.

By selecting from these diverse animations, you can ensure your wedding is a memorable and entertaining experience for all of your guests.



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