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Entertainment Options For Your wedding

Our Tips

Weddings are always a moment of sharing and love, but also a moment of celebration. 

One question that our brides and grooms often ask is “what to do so my guests enjoy themselves and have fun at our wedding? 

We already mentioned in a previous blog post the importance of having a dynamic timeline and the below will also participate to the success of your event:


What is a wedding without music ? At Claire Yossman Weddings we are convinced that going for a live band will be a game changer and will contribute to create a magical and fun atmosphere for your guests. A classical band for the ceremony will make your guests emotional. Going for a live band for your cocktail and dinner is always a good idea. Don’t you want to see your guests dancing on the tables? We also work with fantastic Dj,s that will get your guests to dance the night away!

love band at a wedding that Claire Yossman Weddings organized

Photo Booth

Let’s face it, everyone loves to have their picture taken. While the photographers are there to capture the beautiful moments of your wedding, the photo booth is a fun way to keep memories for your guests. For even more fun, you can provide props and a personalized backdrop.

Video Booth

You must have seen this trend on social networks. The goal is for people to stand in the middle of a platform and a camera rotates 360 degrees around it to create a video worthy of the Met Gala red carpet. A great souvenir for your guests to take home and an activity that will entertain many! 

Live Artist / Caricature

This has been a big trend for the past few years, bringing in a live artist to paint your ceremony. But what will amuse your guests is to take an artist who will paint them in a few minutes, for a unique and original souvenir, a bit like the painters in Montmartre. 


For those who don’t know, petanque is the national sport of the South of France (or almost). It is a game that everyone can play, very friendly. If you are getting married in Provence, it is an activity that is almost unavoidable! Must have for your brunch!

Petanque organized by Claire Yossman Weddings

Champagne Fountain

Champagne fountains are always a hit, even though it’s not an activity that guests can participate in, it has a wow factor and believe me, it looks great in the pictures.

Champagne foutnain at Claire Yossman Weddings


This is the highlight of a party day/evening. It is necessary to foresee a rather consequent budget and certain places do not authorize it. But we can propose you an alternative the cold fireworks, they are machines which project sparks, they can also be made inside and are without danger. You can do it at the time of the cake, it will be the cherry on the cake!



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