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A Persian Wedding At Domaine De Palerme In Provence

Wedding Venue

The Claire Yossman Wedding Team is always happy to celebrate love and weddings from all over the world and from all cultures. 

At the beginning of this wedding season, we had the chance to organize a Persian wedding in the beautiful Domaine de Palerme. 

S and C really wanted to achieve the perfect blend between these two influences: Persian and Provence styles.

The entire wedding took place at Domaine de Palerme, from the ceremony to the brunch. 

The ceremony: 

The beautiful thing about our job is that we get to experience different cultures and traditions with our brides and grooms. 

This was our first Persian ceremony and we enjoyed learning about it and design it together with our bride.

The bride and groom are seated on a chair in front of a table, Sofreh Aghd, which faces east towards the sunrise. The ceremony takes place under the words of an officiant

On this table a certain number of objects must be placed according to the tradition. Most of the objects have been provided by the family of the bride and groom. 

The table must have : 

a Persian carpet Termeh placed in the center

a mirror

two candlesticks 



a censer with burning coals 

an Esband tray with a mixture of 7 spices 

a basket of eggs, hazelnuts and almonds 

apples or pomegranates 


rose water 

a shawl 

2 sugar cones 

a needle and seven strands of colored sewing thread 

a holy book (Song of Songs, Bible, Torah, Koran) or a book of poetry like Hafez 

a patty with feta cheese and fresh herbs

7 sweets or pastries 

Before the entrance of the bride and groom, the space must be purified with incense to drive away evil spirits. 

Then the arrival of the bride and groom: When the bride enters, her face is covered by the veil. When she sits down next to the groom and lifts her veil, the first thing the groom should see is the reflection of his bride in the mirror.

The officiant explains all the symbols attached to the elements on the table. Then he sprinkles the burning coals with the mixture of incense and spices in a purification ritual to protect the couple from negative energies and difficulties.

At the time of the exchange of consents, traditionally, when the celebrant asks the bride if she accepts her husband, he will repeat the request 3 times before the bride answers, to make herself wanted, then she answers “yes”.

During this time, the women of the family – who are already married, come, each in turn, to rub two sugar cones above the veil placed above the head of the bride and groom. This lucky gesture is a way to share their beautiful energy with the bride and groom and to offer a pinch of sweetness for their common future. 

After the exchange of rings, the shawl is sewn in a corner by needle and thread.

Then the bride and groom share the honey by dipping their little finger in it and simultaneously “feed” each other, a symbol of a “sweet” wedding wish.

The Cocktail Party 

Following the ceremony, guests headed to the estate’s garden for the cocktail reception. 

Marrou, one of the best caterer in Provence delighted the guests with Provence canapés and live stations.

The dinner 

Dinner was set up under a ten, in the gardens of the domain.

For the decoration, the bride and groom wanted chic tables with Provencal and Persian influences, so we opted for a white tablecloth with a Persian fabric as table runner. We also arranged candlesticks and decorations in the shape of pomegranate, all reminding the ceremony table. 

The menus, the flowers from Les Fleurs de Ninon and the small bottle of olive oil brought the Provençal touch. 

The party 

The dancing part of the evening took place inside the charming building of the Palermo estate, with Dj Wildfire on the decks. 

For the cake, the guests got to experience the Persian tradition of the “knife dance”. 

The next day’s brunch. 

The day after this beautiful day, a brunch took place at the Domaine de Palerme. 

On the menu, pastries, pancakes and savory and sweet delicacies of all kinds from Brunch me up.

Everybody enjoyed a dip in the pool of the domain, and of course, the most Provençal of activities, the pétanque! 

Thank you to Shervin and Cedric for trusting us to organize their beautiful wedding and for making us discover the incredible Persian traditions. 

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to help you organize the wedding of your dreams.



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