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A Persian Wedding At Domaine De Palerme In Provence

Wedding Venue

The Claire Yossman Wedding Team takes joy in celebrating love and weddings from diverse cultures around the world. At the start of this wedding season, we had the privilege of organizing a Persian wedding at the stunning Domaine de Palerme. The couple, S and C, wished to incorporate both Persian and Provencal elements into their special day.

The entire wedding, from the ceremony to the brunch, took place at Domaine de Palerme.

The ceremony: 

One of the most fulfilling aspects of our work is experiencing different cultures and traditions alongside our couples. This was our first in-person Persian ceremony, and we thoroughly enjoyed organizing it.

The ceremony began at sunset, a departure from the usual timing. The bride and groom were seated on a chair facing east, towards the sunrise, in front of a table called Sofreh Aghd. An officiant presided over the ceremony, which unfolded amidst a selection of symbolic objects provided by the families of the couple.

The table included:

  • A Persian carpet (Termeh) placed at the center
  • A mirror
  • Two candlesticks
  • Flowers
  • Coins
  • A censer with burning coals
  • An Esband tray with a mixture of seven spices
  • A basket of eggs, hazelnuts, and almonds
  • Apples or pomegranates
  • Honey
  • Rose water
  • A shawl
  • Two sugar cones
  • A needle and seven strands of colored sewing thread
  • A holy book (such as the Song of Songs, Bible, Torah, or Quran) or a book of poetry like Hafez
  • A patty with feta cheese and fresh herbs
  • Seven sweets or pastries

Before the entrance of the bride and groom, incense was used to purify the space and ward off negative spirits. As the bride entered, her face was covered by a veil. When she sat next to the groom and lifted her veil, the groom’s first glimpse of her was through the reflection in the mirror.

The officiant explained the symbolism behind each object on the table. Then, in a purification ritual, he sprinkled the burning coals with the mixture of incense and spices to protect the couple from negative energies and difficulties.

During the exchange of vows, it is customary for the celebrant to ask the bride if she accepts her husband. The request is repeated three times before the bride responds with a “yes,” signifying her desire to be wanted.

Throughout this time, married women from both families took turns rubbing two sugar cones above the veil placed over the heads of the bride and groom. This act of good luck allowed them to share their positive energy and offer a touch of sweetness for the couple’s shared future. Following the ring exchange, the shawl was sewn in a corner using a needle and thread.

To symbolize a sweet wedding wish, the bride and groom dipped their little finger in honey and simultaneously fed each other.

The Cocktail Party 

After the ceremony, guests proceeded to the estate’s garden for the cocktail reception, while the couple took their couple photos. As the ceremony had taken place late in the day, they swiftly joined the guests at the table.

The dinner 

To accommodate the unexpected wind, we set up a tent provided by loumega services in the domain’s gardens for the dinner.

For the table decorations, the bride and groom desired an elegant blend of Provencal and Serbian influences. We opted for white tablecloths adorned with doilies in the center, reminiscent of Persian rugs. Candlesticks and pomegranate-shaped decorations were placed on the tables, serving as a reminder of the ceremony. The menus, flowers of ninon, and small gift bottles of olive oil added a touch of Provençal charm.

The party 

The evening’s festivities took place inside the magnificent building of the Palermo estate, with DJ Wildfire providing the music.

In accordance with Persian tradition, married women from the family brought the cake knife to the groom while dancing, handing it to him, and continuing to dance with it until they deemed the right moment to present it to him.

The next day’s brunch. 

Following the memorable wedding day and evening, a brunch was held at the Domaine de Palerme.

The menu consisted of a delightful array of pastries, pancakes, and savory and sweet delicacies from Marron caterers.

As for activities, guests and the newlywed couple were able to enjoy the magnificent swimming pool at the estate and participate in the most Provençal of pastimes—playing petanque.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Shevrin and Cedric for entrusting us with organizing their beautiful wedding and for introducing us to the incredible traditions of Persian culture.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to help you organize the wedding of your dreams.



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