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A Unique Wedding : Creation of a Signature Perfume at Rose et Marius.

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In September 2022, the Claire Yossman Weddings team is organizing a magnificent wedding with a Marie Antoinette theme in Provence. The couple wanted to create a customized scent that would remind the guests of the theme. Olfactory memory is powerful, similar to the concept of the Madeleine de Proust, where a smell triggers a memory.

To create this perfume, we approached Rose and Marius, a local artisanal manufacturer in Provence. They welcomed us into their workshops, and together we created THE perfume.

Let’s revisit this amazing experience.

Rose et Marius is a beautiful boutique located in the heart of Aix-en-Provence, a typical Provencal city, offering visual and olfactory beauty. The team kindly showed us their store and the various handcrafted products available, including soaps, candles, home perfumes, and jewelry, all made in Provence.

We then went to a private lounge on the second floor, specially arranged for us. There, we were presented with a selection of scents that were carefully chosen to align with our request and the Marie Antoinette theme.

An expert guided us through the scents, explaining their meanings. We individually smelled each fragrance and discovered incredible scents like bergamot, lavender, and leather.

Each scent was categorized into different types: citrus, oriental, floral, gourmand, and woody.

After exploring all the scents, we had to choose three and combine them. It was challenging to find the perfect combination that would transport us to the world of Marie Antoinette when we closed our eyes.

With the guidance of our consultant’s expert nose, we found the perfect combination (which remains a surprise).

Then we moved on to blending the scents and creating the perfume bottle, feeling like chemists for a moment.

And voila! The home fragrance was created, and its scent was enchanting. To see the step-by-step creation process in pictures, you can check out our Instagram reel.

After the perfume creation, we returned to the store, where the owner kindly explained and showcased the various options Rose et Marius offers for weddings. These options include perfumes and candles for the wedding day, as well as gifts for guests. It’s worth noting that all the scents of Rose et Marius products evoke the essence of Provence.

What Rose et Marius offers:

  1. Custom-made perfume for the wedding day
  2. Custom candles for the wedding day (or pre-existing scents)
  3. Soaps for the wedding day
  4. Candles as gifts for guests (customization possible)
  5. Soaps as gifts for guests
  6. Cement squares as gifts for guests

Rose et Marius provides endless possibilities to satisfy you and your guests. Feel free to contact the Claire Yossman Weddings team, and we’ll be delighted to introduce you to the Rose et Marius team and assist you in creating a 100% personalized product.



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