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A Unique Wedding : Creation of a Signature Perfume at Rose et Marius.

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This coming September, we are organizing a magnificent Marie Antoinette themed wedding in Provence. 

We enjoyed so much designing this event together with our bubbly bride from Los Angeles. 

As we wanted to go beyond with the small details, we offered our bride and groom to create an olfactive signature for their event.

We believe that what participate to create great memories, is the unique smell you can find in the places you love. Luxury hotels often do this, so why not doing it for your wedding?

For this Marie Antoinette wedding in Provence, we wanted to create a scent that would symbolize the Queen in a garden in Provence. We obviously wanted to go for a local vendor who would use natural essential oils.

For those who don’t know Rose and Marius, please let us quickly introduce them: The owner of this beautiful shop was inspired by her childhood memories spent with her Grandmother, Rose, in Provence. Each Rose et Marius olfactory creation is the testimony of a memory. A love story with Provence to sublimate the Art of Living. Like a Madeleine de Proust who reconnects us to ourselves, to our history, to our essence.

Let us share with you the amazing experience we had when creating this unique fragrance.

Located in the heart of Aix en Provence, the boutique Rose et Marius, is a visual and olfactory beauty heaven.

The team welcomed us with kindness, and first made us discover their beautiful store and the different products we could find there: soaps, candles, home perfumes, jewelry and so on, all elaborated and handcrafted in Provence.

Then we went up to the second floor, where a lounge was privatized for the occasion.

Once arrived in the lounge, several bottles of essential oils were presented to us on the table. The team of Rose et Marius had taken care to select scents in connection with our theme and our request to create a smell of a garden in Provence, on a sweet summer afternoon with a secret and luxurious feel.

Following this, an expert presented us the different scents and their meaning. We first smelled each fragrance individually, and we discovered some incredible scents, such as bergamot, lavender and leather.

Each scent was categorized in different categories: citrus, oriental, floral, gourmand, woody.

After discovering each of them, we had to select 3, and associate them. This was not an easy task, as we had to find the perfect combination in the spirit we wanted to create. Below our choices:For us the Queen of France was associated with the smell of roses. Rose and Marius had an essential oil made from a rose you can only find in the gardens of Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild. 

Then we picked the orange blossom fragrance because it reminds us of the warm and sensual smell you can find in the chateaux’s orangeries in Provence.
Finally we picked the amber smell to add some mystery and character to our creation.

Then came the time to combine the scents and create the perfume bottle. We became chemists for a moment!

Like magic our unique fragrance was created. Closing our eyes we were transported to a secret garden surrounded by roses and orange blossom, where you could hear the water dropping from a fountain. We even saw Marie Antoinette herself exchanging a forbidden kiss with her lover, Alex Von Fersen. But please don’t tell anyone!!

To discover the steps of the creation of the perfume in pictures, you can go and see this Instagram reel.

Rose et Marius has so many options for wedding favors and gifts. All their scents are a reminiscent of Provence.

They can offer the different options for your weddings:

  • Creation of a custom-made perfume for the D-day 
  • Creation of custom candles for D-Day or existing scents 
  • Soaps for D-Day 
  • Candles for guests’ gifts (custom made possible)
  • Soaps for guest gifts.
  • Cement square for guests’ gift. 

Do not hesitate to contact the Claire Yossman Weddings team, we will be happy to introduce you to the Rose et Marius team and help you create a 100% personalized product.



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