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How to create the perfect floral decor on your wedding day?

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Have you ever seen a wedding without flowers? Of course not, because flowers are part of the details that make such a difference on your special day.

Flowers are a big part of your wedding design. The variety of flowers, their colors, the size and shape of your wedding arrangement will be in harmony with the vibe you want to give to your event.

Which flowers to choose to match my theme? 

Before choosing the flowers for your wedding, you will have to decide on the theme, because the floral arrangements will reflect this theme, they are an important element, if not essential, of your wedding design. 

For example, for a rustic chic wedding theme, you will choose organic arrangements with a timeless elegance feel. Dry flowers and foliage are also a trend. For a “oh so chic” wedding, we will tend on reducing the foliage ratio and have arrangements without or with less foliage. Sometimes using only one variety of flowers is also very sophisticated. 

The floral arrangements possibilities are endless: organic, sophisticated, without foliage, monochromatic or very colorful. Every wedding will find its perfect flowers, and for that we call on wonderful florists, who know the floral art on the tips of their fingers. 

The season also must be taken into account. For all my May and June brides, Peonies are such a must have!!

What are the items we are going to need on the wedding day? 

The bridal bouquet: Key element to the wedding decor, it must be in harmony with the shape of the dress and the bride’s size. We don’t want our petite brides to be hidden by their bouquet. The bridal bouquet will be photographed a lot, it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. 

The groom’s buttonholes: It may or may not match your bridal bouquet, but it’s a must-have for the big day.

The bridesmaids’ bouquets and/or flower crowns: These arrangements are often matched with the bridal bouquet, but they must be different enough from it to be differentiated.

The flower arch of the ceremony: This element will give a romantic and magical side to your exchange of vows. The shapes of the arch can vary, but I advise you to always cover them with flowers. Trust me, you won’t regret it. 

The center aisle: because we may not think about it but a center aisle lined with flowers gives a wow effect to your entrance.

Flowers to decorate the bars, buffets and signs:  I’m not telling you to cover all the furnitures with flowers, even if it can be incredible, but just a few flowers that remind the theme will be perfect. 

The dinner tables. We will obviously give a lot of importance to the top table floral decoration. The top table should be easily recognizable and covered in candles and flowers. Using a flower arch above the bride and groom can also give a magic feel to the dinner setting.

Guests tables : The flowers must remind the bride and groom’s, the flower arrangements can vary in size and shape according to your tastes. 

Cake: Sometimes forgotten, keeping flowers for your wedding cake will also be part of the consistency of your wedding design.

What is the budget for the flowers? 

It is important to understand that behind each floral arrangement there is a work of several hours for the florist. The flowers themselves are expensive, even very expensive depending on the variety. 

It is therefore necessary to bear in mind that the floral budget for your wedding is quite substantial, sometimes even extravagant. This is the price to pay to have a unique and incredible floral decoration for your wedding. You only get married once in your life, so you might as well make this day beautiful. Of course the choice of the flowers and the quantity will depend on your budget.

Now I want to introduce you to some florists that I love to work with and that do an incredible job. 

L’art qui pousse : @lartquipousse

Floresie : @floresie

Miss Rose by Perrine : @miss_rose_by_perrine

La Blonde et le Barbu : @lablondeetlebarbudesign

Our team will be very happy to organize your wedding and help you to find the perfect flowers for your day. Contact us if you are interested. 

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