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A Wonderful Wedding at Fortin de Corbières. 

Wedding Venue

Another 2022 wedding, another beautiful location. 
It is at the Fortin de Corbières that Rebecca and Jeremy decided to celebrate their wedding. 
This place is located in Marseille, in Provence, it is a unique place which overhangs the bay of Marseille, we let you imagine the magnificent view.

The Ceremony

The ceremony took place outside, on the highest point of the Fortin de Corbières. The beautiful Houppa, created by l’Art qui pousse, was located with its back to the sea, so that the bride and groom had a beautiful background for their photos. In order to make the Houppa stand out between the blue of the sea and the sky, we chose bright colors in orange tones, with lots of foliage. 
The ceremony was accompanied all along by the violinists of Vibes, it was really romantic. 

The Cocktail

After the ceremony, the guests and the bride and groom headed to the front of the Fortin de Corbières for the cocktail reception. Once again the view was breathtaking.
Dany’s Traiteur treated the guests’ taste buds with their delicious canapés and buffets, while the singers and musicians of Vibes took care of the entertainment. 

The Dinner 

The dinner took place in the same place as the ceremony, to do so, we did set up the tables during the cocktail. 
For the bride and groom’s table, we decided to put it below the houppa, which we kept in the same place. This gave a very masterful side to the top table. The guests’ tables were located in front of the Houppa. 
For the decoration we kept the same color palette as the ceremony, with compositions on each table. We also opted for almond green tablecloths and white and golden dishes to give a chic side. 
On each seat was placed a metallic pomegranate containing sugar coated almonds. 
The place of the dinner was illuminated by light strings hanging above the tables, a wonderful idea to avoid putting spotlights. 
The delicious meal was served by Dany’s Traiteur, and animated by the musicians of Vibes. 

The Party

For the party, we had planned a space behind the tables with a dance floor for everyone to dance the night away.
A cocktail bar was also present and animated by the mixologists of DNA Bartending.

Few words about the Fortin de Corbières 

Overlooking the bay of Marseille, the Fortin de Corbières, built in the 19th century, this historic place, nestled in an exceptional setting, was elegantly transformed into a cradle of local art and culture.
Since then, the neo-classical style building of nearly 700 m² has been restored, enlarged and embellished. The Fortin de Corbières has become a timeless venue for receptions, sailing between sky and sea. 

How many guest can it accommodate ? 

The fort of Corbières is only a place of reception, it is not possible to stay there. However, it is located near Marseille where you will find many hotels. 
This place of reception can receive only in outside with a capacity between 300 and 500 guests. 

The plus of the Fortin de Corbières 

Located on a hill, it overlooks the bay of Marseille offering a breathtaking view. 
It also has a pool overlooking the bay. 

To know about the Fortin de Corbières 

As said before, it does not have any bedding, so it is necessary to lodge in the vicinity. Marseille has several hotels, including luxury ones, perfect for staying there. 
You can privatize the whole place for your wedding. 
The Fortin e Corbières is located 25 minutes from Marseille airport and 15 minutes from Marseille international train station. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to organize your wedding in this beautiful venue. We will be happy to help you and introduce you.

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